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Czech Republic - Herold

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262 72, Březnice, Czech Republic


The town’s Baroque castle is fully restored, and its attached brewery continues to produce pilsner-style beers in a traditional, hand-crafted manner to a “small is beautiful” philosophy. The range includes wheat beers and Bohemian Black Lager.

Brewing secret

Open fermenters, home-drawn water, and resident maltings accentuate its heritage.

Bohemian Black Lager

beer style: Dark Lager
alcohol content: 4.1% ABV

A schwarzbier-type lager; bitter chocolate flavors, plus a little malty sweetness, and a long, dry, slightly smoky finish.

Premium Bohemian Lager

beer style: Premium Lager
alcohol content: 5.1% ABV

Full-bodied, yet softly textured, with a classic creamy malt veil and late hop dryness.

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