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Dinner in 60 Minutes - Spicy

DK Publishing's logoDK Publishing 02-07-2014 DKBooks


A simple menu with lots of authentic Thai flavors. The easy and refreshing no-cook dessert is perfect to round off the meal, and the bite-size starter can be made ahead, leaving you time to concentrate on the main course.


60 minutes


Prepare the lychee dessert, cover, and chill.

45 minutes


Make the mixture for the fish cakes, and shape into patties. Put in the refrigerator to firm up (step 1).

30 minutes

Main course

Prepare the ingredients for the Pad Thai, and put to one side.


Fry the fish cakes and keep warm, covered, in a warm oven.

15 minutes

Main course

Soak the noodles for the Pad Thai, and complete steps 2 and 3. Transfer to serving bowls, and keep warm.


Garnish the fish cakes, and serve.

Remove the dessert from the refrigerator to bring to room temperature.

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