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Germany - Altöttinger

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Altöttinger Hell-Brau, Herrenmühlstr. 15, 84503, Altötting, Germany


The Bavarian town of Altötting is home to the Altötting Madonna, a world-famous pilgrimage site. In 1890 Georg Hell expanded production at a local brewery to help cater to thirsty pilgrims. Today the brewery produces eight different beers.

Brewing secret

The finest hops and best German malts are used.

Bayerische Dunkel

beer style: Dunkel
alcohol content: 5.2% ABV

Roasty and malty taste, but fresh, and with a long finish. A dark specialty with its own character.


beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 5% ABV

The best malts, combined with a careful selection of hops, produce an exceptionally dry, fine taste.

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