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Germany - Braustolz

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Am Feldschlösschen 18, 09116, Chemnitz, Germany


A farmer founded this brewery in 1868. The company was modernized after World War I, nationalized in 1945, and renovated in 1991. Today it employs more than 50 people and produces many different styles of beer.

Brewing secret

A 1991 investment of DM40 million for modern equipment ensured the brewery’s future.

Braustolz Landbier

beer style: Export
alcohol content: 5.2% ABV

Golden, smooth, malty, and with a fine aroma of hops—an earthy beer.

Braustolz Pils

beer style: Pilsner
alcohol content: 4.9% ABV

A classic pilsner with a very dry and fresh taste, accompanied by obvious aromas of bitter hops.

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