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Italy - Cittavecchia

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Z.A. Stazione di Prosecco 29/E, 34010, Sgonico, TS, Italy


Cittavecchia was founded in 1999 in this wine-producing village between Trieste and the Slovenian border. Former home brewer Michele Barro was compelled by his passion for good beer to leave his job as designer and take up brewing full time. Now his lagers and ales are sold in the region’s best restaurants and bars.


beer style: Strong Dark Ale
alcohol content: 8% ABV

Strong, fruity, Belgian-style ale with liquorice notes. George Simenon’s sleuth Maigret drank his beer from a formidable two-pint (liter) tankard.

San Nicolò

beer style: Spiced Ale
alcohol content: 6% ABV

Amber ale, generously spiced with cardamom, brewed once a year for Saint Nicholas’s Day.

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