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Italy - Troll

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Strada valle Grande 15/A, 12019, Vernante, CN, Italy


Beer enthusiast Alberto Canavese transformed his bar, set in a charming alpine village, into a brewpub in 2002. Brewer Daniele Meinero is well known for the unusual herbs and spices he adds to his ales.

Brewing secret

Meinero was trained by radical brewer Teo Musso of Le Balandin in Piozzo.


beer style: Chestnut Ale
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Intense flavor from local chestnuts, used in several different ways, such as dried, smoked, and in the form of chestnut honey.


beer style: Spiced Ale
alcohol content: 8.5% ABV

A deep amber ale enlived with a Himalayan blend of spices, giving exotic aromas and flavors.

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