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Japan - Hitachino Nest

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Hitachino Nest

1257 Konosu, Naka City, Ibaraki, 311-0133, Japan


The parent company is an old regional saké brewery that also produces shochu spirits and even wine. Beer was added to the range in 1996, followed by exports to the US. In fact, half of production is now exported, primarily to the US market. The best beers are Belgian in style.

White Ale

beer style: Witbier
alcohol content: 5.5% ABV

Modeled on a Belgian wit, but with a pronounced orange flavor due to the use of real juice.

Extra High

beer style: Belgian Dark Ale
alcohol content: 8.3% ABV

Similar to a Belgian dark ale, XH (as it is known) is rich and malty, with a characteristic Belgian yeast flavor.

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