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Luxembourg - Cornelyshaff

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Maison 37, 9753, Heinerscheid, Luxembourg


Situated in a nature park, Cornelyshaff comprises a popular bar, restaurant, and hotel, as well as a brewery that is open to visitors. It is modern, gleaming, and energy efficient—the cooperative that owns it prides itself on minimizing its environmental impact. The bar and restaurant showcase the beers and much farm produce from the area.

Ourdaller Waïssen Tarwebier

beer style: Witbier
alcohol content: 4.6% ABV

An unfiltered, cloudy wheat beer; assertive in character, it is full of spice.


beer style: Rye Beer
alcohol content: 4.2% ABV

A spicy aroma gives way to a strongly flavored deep, earthy taste brought on by the use of rye grain.

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