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New Zealand - The Mussel Inn

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The Mussel Inn

Onekaka, Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand


Quirky, rustic, and ecologically aware, The Mussel Inn brewpub-cum-café is located in one of the country’s most remote and unspoilt regions. The famous Captain Cooker Manuka Beer is affectionately known as “The Pig,” a reference to New Zealand’s wild pigs, which were first released by Cook. It is also brewed under license by Belgium’s Proefbrouwerij.

Monkey Puzzle

beer style: Belgian Abbey-style Ale
alcohol content: 10% ABV

A copper-colored brew that’s big, spicy, and warming, yet delicately balanced and remarkably suppable!

Captain Cooker

beer style: Woody Amber Lager
alcohol content: 4% ABV

Seasoned with leaves from native shrubs, this is a fairly sweet and perfumy brew.

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