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Norway - Haandbryggeriet

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Thornegaten 39, N-3015, Drammen, Norway


This small brewery is known for its hand-made brews and for keeping Norwegian brewing traditions alive. Housed in a 200-year-old wooden building, it is run by volunteers, and experimentation is encouraged.

Brewing secret

As well as using old oak wine barrels, they are now ageing beer in former Akevitt spirit casks.

Dark Force

beer style: Wheat Stout
alcohol content: 9% ABV

Uses wheat and dark roasted malts and house wheat yeast. High hop aroma and ample bitterness.

Norwegian Wood

beer style: Traditional Ale
alcohol content: 6.5% ABV

Made from naturally smoked Munich, Crystal, and chocolate malts; spiced with locally gathered juniper twigs and berries.

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