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Norway - Mack’s Brewery

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Mack’s Brewery

Storgata 4, N-9291, Tromsø, Norway


This brewery and soft drinks company was founded by Ludwig Markus Mack in 1877. It is best known for its highly popular pilsner, originally introduced in 1891. The brewery produces beer to honor special occasions and has a Party and a Seasonal series. Despite claims, it is not the world’s northern-most brewery, since a microbrewery was set up in Honnigsvag in 2000.

Arctic Beer

beer style: Pale Lager
alcohol content: 4.5% ABV

A pale golden beer, with a hint of hops on the nose and a dry finish.

Mack Haakon

beer style: Lager
alcohol content: 4.75% ABV

A commemorative beer launched to celebrate the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Rich-tasting and amber in color.

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