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Sweet Preserves - Making Jellies

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These beautiful jewel-like preserves are made from the strained juice of fruit. Red grapes produce a delicate garnet-colored jelly that is delicious with roast poultry or cheeses. Halve the quantities if you wish.

Tips on jelly-making

Use perfect fruit, slightly under-ripe, and for the freshest flavor boil for the minimum time to achieve a set. Prolonged boiling is detrimental and may mean the jelly will not set.

The quantity of strained juice always varies so calculate the sugar after measuring the juice.

The pectin content will also vary. To be sure there is enough pectin to achieve a set, simmer the fruit with a chopped organic lemon or test the strained juice for pectin first. If there’s not quite enough, either simmer the strained juice further and test again or, if low, use powdered pectin.

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