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US - Alaskan

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5429 Shaune Drive, Juneau, AK, 99801


Although it is located in a coastal community without roads connecting it to the rest of the United States, Alaskan Brewing has grown into a regional force, selling its beer over much of the nation west of the Rockies. Founders Geoff and Marcy Larson focused on native ingredients and recipes from the outset. Alaskan’s first and flagship brew, Amber Ale, is based on a beer made across the channel from Juneau back at the turn of the 20th century.

Brewing secret

Alaskan’s Smoked Porter, a beer that typifies what’s new in American brewing, is made with malt smoked at a local fishery.


beer style: Altbier
alcohol content: 5% ABV

Clean caramel on the nose, brightened by spicy hops. Smooth and malty, with balanced bitterness.

Barley Wine Ale

beer style: Barley Wine
alcohol content: 10.4% ABV

Cellared in a former gold mine. Rich and smooth, with dark caramel, cherries, and plums. Nicely balanced.

Smoked Porter

beer style: Smoked Beer
alcohol content: 6.5% ABV

Alder-smoked. Flavors of chocolate and burnt fruit; luscious and oily on the palate. Smoky from the beginning through to a satisfying finish.

Winter Ale

beer style: Winter Beer
alcohol content: 6.4% ABV

Spruce intermingles with fruit at the start. Modestly rich on the palate, woody at the finish.

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