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Vegetables - Bollywood Nights

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Tomato and ginger soup

Photo: Seared cinnamon duck © Provided by DKBooks Seared cinnamon duck

Photo: Coconut shrimp © Provided by DKBooks Coconut shrimp

Raspberry meringues

Photo: Tomato and ginger soup © Provided by DKBooks Tomato and ginger soup

Coconut shrimp

Photo: Crispy vegetable pakoras © Provided by DKBooks Crispy vegetable pakoras

Crispy vegetable pakoras

Photo: Tandoori chicken thighs © Provided by DKBooks Tandoori chicken thighs

Tandoori chicken thighs

Photo: Raspberry meringues © Provided by DKBooks Raspberry meringues

Seared cinnamon duck

Indian cuisine is about glamor; redolent with heady spices, creamy with the texture of coconut, and brightened by the taste of sweet mango. Unique for the many fried snacks served with refreshing yogurt dips, Indian food is a delight for your senses.

Garlic, fresh cilantro, and ginger form the base of most dishes, and it is a great combination. Cardamom, cumin, and coriander may already be familiar spices, but there are more. Once you are exposed to the fascinating taste of amchoor, you’ll understand the real meaning of exotic. Made from ground dried mango, amchoor adds a gentle sour note to samosas and other foods. Boredom will never be an issue when exploring this cuisine; there is so much to discover.

When setting the table, imagine colorful saris of magenta, orange, and silver. Don’t try to be quietly tasteful; think electric bright colors—beige definitely does not belong here. Metal serving dishes and wooden spice bowls add an authentic touch, if you have them. Light some candles for atmosphere and prepare to feast.


Magenta pink

Silver and gold

Warm tangerine

Rich purple

Crimson red


Mixed styles of metal bowls

Silk tablecloths

Small wooden spice bowls

Distressed metal cutlery

Scattered rose petals


Spicy chili pepper

Fresh cilantro

Sweet garlic

Sour amchoor

Fragrant turmeric


Raita with naan bread

Chutneys and pickles

Crispy vegetable pakoras

Sugar-coated fennel seeds

Tomato and coconut sambal


Seared cinnamon duck with mango chutney and poppadoms

Coconut shrimp with mango mint dipping sauce

Tomato and ginger soup with spiced oil

Crispy vegetable pakoras with tamarind and ginger dipping sauce

Tandoori chicken thighs with tomato and coconut sambal

Raspberry meringues with white chocolate swirls

Buy and arrange

Raita with naan bread

Selection of chutneys and pickles with mini poppadoms

Exotic fruit salad

The night before

Marinate duck breasts

Make mango chutney

Make tomato and ginger soup

Marinate tandoori chicken

Make raspberry meringues

In the morning

Sear duck breasts

Make mango mint sauce

Make tamarind and ginger sauce

Whip cream and chop nuts for meringues

Make iced chai tea

Make raita

Four hours before

Make crispy vegetable pakoras

Roast tandoori chicken thighs

Make tomato and coconut sambal

Make exotic fruit salad

One hour before

Coat coconut shrimp

Reheat soup and make spiced oil

At the last minute

Plate coconut shrimp with mango mint sauce

Pour soup with spiced oil

Reheat pakoras; plate with tamarind dipping sauce

Plate raspberry meringues

Pour iced chai tea

Plate exotic fruit salad

Half an hour before

Roast duck breasts; plate with chutney and poppadoms

Fry coconut shrimp

Reheat tandoori chicken; plate

Plate chutneys and pickles with mini poppadoms

Plate raita with naan bread

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