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Ein Pub ganz ohne Alkohol

SHOTLIST DUBLIN, LEINSTER, IRLAND16. MAI 2019QUELLE: AFPTV 1. Nah drink being poured 2. Halbnahe bartender pouring a drink 3. Halbnahe frontage of The Virgin Mary 4. Schwenk von links nach rechts drinks on shelves 5. Schwenk von rechts nach links bartender mixing a cocktail 6. Halbnahe Anna Walsh shaking a drink 7. Nah Walsh pouring a drink 8. O-TON 1 - Vaughan Yates, Mitbegründer des Pubs "The Virgin Mary" (mann, Englisch, 17 Sek.): "I think there’s a real cultural shift happening globally towards alcohol and we’re really at the forefront of it. And if you take Ireland, Ireland is a nation that is known for having a good time -- it’s the craic, it’s having a drink and drinking is ingrained in society here. However if you look at the Irish they are a very progressive nation, they are a very liberal nation, they’re very open to change." 9. Totale customers 10. Halbnahe Walsh pouring a drink 11. Nah drink being poured 12. Halbnahe couple drinking 13. Nah woman drinking 14. Nah drink being picked up 15. O-TON 2 - Anna Walsh, arbeitet im "The Virgin Mary" (frau, Englisch, 18 Sek.): "[Describing the first days of business]There were people on dates, there were groups, there were people who had never had alcohol, they were kind of all ages, there were people who couldn’t drink for health reasons, there were people who just didn’t feel like drinking that night, it was a really lovely mix. And the energy in the bar stayed steady all night." 16. Nah customer drinking

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