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Demolition car tow becomes complete comedy show

Luckily, nobody was hurt and no harm was done in this mishap that turned into a complete comedy show. Even the two young men trying to get this car down the road could see the humor, and the embarrassment in the ordeal. It started with two young men trying to tow their car to a demolition derby car a short distance away. They started out less than a mile from this intersection of two relatively quiet back country roads. They loaded up their demolition car on a trailer and set off, towing it behind a small pickup truck. But unfortunately, the demolition car did not have an emergency brake and they forgot to put it in gear to stop it from rolling. They latched the trailer gate up behind the car, but put the ratchet strap on the car wheel itself. They reached the first stop sign and started to pull away to turn right. The car in the trailer rolled back and let the gate drop, smoothly escaping from the trailer and landing on the road in the intersection. Fortunately, it stopped there. The boys realized that had lost their load and they pulled over immediately. They drove the towed car onto the shoulder of the road and then planned their approach to put it back in the trailer when there was a break in the traffic. One of them put out the ramps and the other lined up the car to drive up them. But he missed the target by mere inches and hit the right, front tire on the trailer post, slicing the tire in the process. With air hissing out, the car bounced back and rolled back down the ramp. The bumper caught and was torn half off. The driver tried a second time but hit the trailer side a second time and tore the bumper more. The boys were laughing at themselves good-naturedly now. On the third attempt, it was clear that some direction was needed and the young man with the ramps climbed into the trailer to line things up with his eye and motion to the driver to help him align his approach. When the car was up the ramp and almost in the trailer, the man giving directions nimbly leaped out of the way moments before being knocked out of it. The two young men put some blocks under the wheels and threw a ratchet strap through the open front windows to secure the car in the trailer. They secured the gate and hopped in the truck, leaving with a chuckle. There was no doubt that they were eager to get this car to where it was going before it was damaged too heavily to be entered in a demolition derby.
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