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Al Skeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh under attack - on border with Idleb and Northern Hama

Two days ago I was in the Syrian Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh that has endured sustained attacks from the various terrorist groups backed by the U.S Coalition. These groups are embedded in the countryside bordering Al Skeilbiyyeh. In the last two weeks they have targeted schools, residential areas and civilian districts with 25 rockets/GRAD missiles, causing significant material damage to homes and infrastructure. Children have been told they cannot go to school during these precarious times. I met with the courageous commander of the volunteer National Defence Forces in this beautiful town, Nabel Alabdalla - and he took me to see the devastation caused by just one rocket that decimated a neighbourhood. #AlSkeilbiyyeh and the neighbouring town of #Mhardeh represent the brave resistance of these besieged peoples against violent and brutal sectarianism and extremism. They are the light in the darkness that has been introduced into their land by the imperialist predators. God bless them and protect them. Full transcript here:
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