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MORE - RICHTER+LIPPUS (Official Music Video) (2020)

The official audio of "More" by RICHTER+LIPPUS Download/Stream: Produced by RICHTER+LIPPUS Mastered by @TilmanBona Instagram @richterundlippus Facebook @richterundlippus Lyrics: ... Here I am laying - down the earth - catching the sundown - and light on curves - knowing you always - beside these days - oh you’ve been a blessing - for the time at this place - hearing your voice - is more than a gift - and whether your laughter - is all that you give - to me Fighting the ghosts - to hold back a dream - small world’s illusion - a life in the stream - closing the boxes - with pictures of you and me - the times I’ll remember - but not want to turn back - to me More than your head - more than your heart - more than our home - more than all these moments - more than all these moments - more than my head - more than my heart - more than my hands - holding all these moments - holding all these moments I can not lie between the stones - love is everything it owes - all the lights burnt out - and I realize - two wrongs and no right me - the silence grows and I disagree - all the words ran out
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