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'Bigg Boss 9'

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'Bigg Boss 9' - Day 78

Priya Malik does her best to irritate Mandana Karimi. She follows her around the house. To get back at Priya, Mandana turned off the light when Priya entered the washroom.

In the Sky Lounge, Mandana opened up to Prince Narula and told him that she will apologize to Priya for her behavior only if Salman Khan asked her to do so.

In the confession room, Bigg Boss told Priya that the housemates have to come up with a stern action against Mandana while he also gave Mandana an earful for her disappointing behavior.

Suyyash confiscated Mandana’s bags which infuriated her. She told Suyyash that Bigg Boss believed that she did not display violence in any way and thus he had no rights to confiscate her bags. Suyyash told the housemates that Mandana’s behavior will not change whether he has or does not have her luggage and almost decided to give it back to her which irked Rochelle Rao, Kishwer Merchant and Priya Malik.

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