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Seth Rogen Ruins Christmas in New Movie Trailer

Leave it to Seth Rogen to celebrate Christmas by tripping too hard on mushrooms, barfing in church and running out of midnight mass — in his Star of David sweater — yelling "We did not kill Jesus!" It's the capstone moment in the gonzo redband trailer for the actor's new flick, The Night Before. The upcoming holiday comedy finds Rogen reuniting with his 50/50 co-star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and also stars Anthony Mackie. The trio play longtime friends, Isaac, Ethan and Chris, who decide to bring their yearly Christmas Eve tradition to an end: Isaac is about to become a father, and Chris, a star football player, has become too famous to casually hang. The Night Before is directed by Jonathan Levine, who also penned the script. The film is scheduled to open on November 25th.
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