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U.S. Throws Largest Package Of Sanctions On To North Korea

Take Your Headlight Game To The Next Level

Digital Trends wants to help you maintain and restore the headlights on your car. Like every other part of your car, your headlights also require a certain amount of upkeep. When you first purchase your vehicle the polycarbonate plastic is usually clear and flawless, but overtime, those crystal clear lights can begin to look foggy and lifeless which could compromise the brightness of your headlights. The dimness comes from a combination of general filth accumulation from driving on the road, and a natural chemical reaction that happens to the plastic after long exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Digital trends has a list of options for upkeep including using toothpaste, Soap, sand paper, and polish, and other commercial products on the market. Check out for a complete break down of the list and techniques for care.
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