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Mum asks for help after 5-year-old daughter's homework leaves her baffled

Mirror logo Mirror 23/04/2017 Joshua Barrie
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Do you think you could manage homework set for a five-year-old? Surely, right?

Mum Royce Winnick shared one of her daughter's worksheets that left her stumped – and adult family and friends at a loss too.

The mum, from New York, posted the assignment on Facebook. It focused on the letter 'T', and included a section in which the primary school-aged pupil should “tap out the word in the picture and write out the sounds you hear.”

The homework was also shared on Imgur. It's the last part of the homework that doesn't seem to make sense:

Royce told the Huffington Post : “I posted the homework because we honestly could not figure out the answer."

She asked the internet: "Anybody know this answer to my daughter’s kindergarten homework?”


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Obviously, the first three words are relatively simple: tub, ten, top. But the last one, a bunch of bunny rabbits, doesn't really make any sense.

After random suggestions, Royce said her daughter settled on the word "pet". A reasonable eventuality – but her teacher marked the work as "OK". So not the right answer.

“The real answer was ‘vet’, which makes no sense!” Royce added. She said her daughter's homework is not usually quite so confounding.

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