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This Grandfather’s Adorable Gift to His Granddaughter Is Bringing the Internet to Tears

Reader's Digest logo Reader's Digest 03/04/2017 Marissa Laliberte

© Twitter Some teens dream of a new car or over-the-top party for their sweet 16, but one grandfather spent years making a way more thoughtful gift for his granddaughter.

When Lauren 'Ren' Blank was two years old, her grandpa started taking notes every time they got to spend time together. He kept the habit up until she was five years old, filling up three notebooks over the three years.

On Blank’s 16th birthday, her grandfather decided she was old enough to fully appreciate the meaning behind the books, and gave them to her as a present. When Blank realized what the gift was, she was in total shock. 'Then my emotions sunk in, and it really touched me,' she says. The rest of her family was just as surprised because her grandpa hadn’t told anyone about his plan.

Blank posted a picture of the present on Twitter, and the tweet has received more than 600,000 likes.

The notebook entries detailed specific things Blank had said or done, along with her emotions to 'really connect my memories to how I was,' she says. Her grandpa recorded his memories of the two of them laughing and playing made-up games. 'Throughout the stories he would repeatedly add how much he loved and cared for me,' says Blank.

Blank says she’ll cherish the gift forever—way more than any other materialistic present. 'The gift will forever be the greatest gift I’ve received because of how much value and meaning it has behind it,' she says.

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