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Why painting your nails can instantly reduce your stress levels 19/04/2017 Niamh Campbell

© Provided by Associated News These days it’s rare that we get a moment to ourselves.

From work and family to socialising, there’s rarely time for a pamper session, which is why most women see a trip to the beauty salon or hairdressers as a real treat. 

But if there’s one thing you should allocate time in your week to do, it’s painting your nails.

Painting Your Nails © Provided by Associated News Painting Your Nails According to a psychotherapist, painting your nails can help to alleviate stress, boost your mood and give you confidence.

Why, you ask?

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Greta Angert, a psychotherapist who specialises in anxiety said:  ‘I often recommend that clients include painting their nails as one of many helpful coping skills.

Related image © Provided by Associated News Related image ‘Sitting down to paint your nails is a simple gesture that tells you “I’m worth it,” “I deserve this.”‘

She added: ‘People also talk with their hands, and seeing a pretty colour can brighten their mood.

‘Women also compliment each other’s manicures quite frequently, and there’s nothing wrong with a little ego boost during your day.’

Image result for Painting nails gif © Provided by Associated News Image result for Painting nails gif Not only will it boost your ego and your mood, it painting your nails gives you instant gratification, something we all need when waiting for our hard work to come to fruition.

So next time you’re stressed to the max, grab your favourite bottle of nail varnish and starting painting!

Calming colours of sky blue with help destress your mind, while yellows with help you feel instantly happy.

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