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Hippo 'raised by humans' loves tea

This adorable hippo that was separated from its mother as a calf and brought up by humans loves tea and kisses on the nose. Jessica the hippo is filmed jumping out of the water to greet tourists and guzzle tea on the banks of the Blyde River in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The footage shows sheepish travellers stroking her snout as she enjoys tea from a plastic bottle. Jessica is not like most hippos, according to the filmer. Newsflare member Emotions of Africa wrote that the hippo lost her mother and was alone before being taken in by the owners of a farm. The filmer wrote: "She washed up on the banks of the Blyde River running through the Kruger National Park and along local farms outside the park. "The helpless female calf lost her mother and had no chance of survival on her own. "Today Jessica is a 1,600kg free roaming hippo in the wild that astonishingly still returns to the house of the owners for her bizarre daily serving of tea." The filmer said Jessica developed the strange taste for tea when she was a calf, and even allows people to give her a kiss while she's drinking it. Hippopotamuses are often claimed to be Africa's most dangerous animal. Their sharp teeth and aggressive nature mean it is not uncommon for them to kill humans.
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