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Find out which countries own the most Gold in the world

Dailypedia logo Dailypedia 02/01/2018 Ruth Karla Mae Domingo

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  • Gold is one of the most precious treasure in the world
  • These countries are believed to house the most gold

Gold can be found almost anywhere. It’s stitched to your clothes, bags, and jewelries. Have you ever wonder where they come from? And how are we so abundant of these treasures?

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Since time immemorial, Gold has been the  most precious among all metals. The value of gold varies in high prices and currencies. The so-called “Gold Standard” is no longer in use, but many countries and institutions still hold large reserves of it.

So, let’s get down to it. Who’s stockpiling the most gold in the world?

We’ve list down the countries into ten, ranking them from the least amount to the largest. These records are based according to the World Gold Council’s World Official Gold Holdings up until November 2017.

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10. The Netherlands 

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They own approximately 612.5 tonnes of gold!

There’s talk going around that they are planning to relocate their stash  from its current vaults in central Amsterdam to a new purpose-built facility near Zeist.

9. Japan

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Their gold is amounting to 765.2 tonnes! Japan is also known for possessing veins of gold that run through its land, which have been mined on a small scale for centuries.

8. Switzerland

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Thier gold stock is estimated at 1,040 tonnes! Yep, they are the first one in this list to move up to four figures. Most of their bullion are held in home soil, but some of it is stored at the Bank of England and Bank of Canada.

7. Russia

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Russia has 1,778.9 tonnes of gold in possession! Through the years this country grow their stuff in numbers as they are focused on expanding its reserves. They are known for some of their billion-dollar worth of gold mining industries.

6. China

We move to Asia. China has the most in their continent with over 1,842.6 tonnes! It stands as the world’s biggest producer of the metal as the local demand boosts each year.

5. France

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This list is going nowhere but up! France owns a whopping 2,435.9 amount of gold in tonnes! Some of these are already there since the 1950s and has been preserved. Though most of their stash are stored abroad, the ones home are reportedly stocked under the Banque de France in Paris.

4. Italy

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Just a little bit ahead of France is Italy, with 2,451 tonnes of gold! Did you know that Italy’s gold is actually owned by the Banca d’Italia? Yep, all of them.

It’s believed that they are held in vaults in Rome and on foreign soil at the Swiss National Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and the Bank of England.

3. International Monetary Fund

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In case you’re wondering, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a group of 189 countries that work to foster global monetary co-operation. It was established in 1944 and purposes to collect 25% of initial quota subscriptions and subsequent quota increases in gold mode.

2. Germany

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The country owns 3,373 tonnes of gold! There were concerns about their initial submissive ways to the Soviet Union but was reported that they have divided portions between the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, the Bank of England and the Banque de France.

1. United States of America

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Statue of Liberty

Of course, the last but definitely far from the least is for the U.S.A.! Their gold is over 8,133 tonnes! Can you believe that much?

The majority of this gold is thought to be held in depositories across America, such as the famous Fort Knox.

If you’re looking for the Philippines, well, it’s ranked at the 23rd spot with gold possession of 196.4 tonnes.

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