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Saudi man arrested for ripping woman's image off banner

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A Saudi man who climbed a billboard to rip a woman's image off it in the kingdom's Jazan governorate was arrested by authorities over the weekend, Al Marsd news site reported. 

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The man's arrest came after footage capturing his act went viral on Twitter, sparking public outrage on the platform. In the short clip, the man can be seen trying to pull the ad off the banner, in a bid to remove it. 

Speaking to local media outlets, sources said he will now be investigated and referred to the country's public prosecution office.

Footage capturing the incident made the rounds online

The exact date when the footage was captured remains unconfirmed, but it still caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter.

The majority of those who came across the video expressed their outrage over the man's action, deeming it regressive and unacceptable. 

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Here's a little of what tweeps had to say on the matter:

People were outraged over the incident

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“Ah the frustration. Is it even possible that he ripped off this ad poster just because it featured a photo of a woman? I can’t believe this. Is it possible that there are still people who view women with this disgusting perspective? An ad that features a woman’s face... what’s so wrong with it, what’s the problem? Maybe he saw something else in it, this is their rhetoric. Now we know who lacks intellect.”

Some had questions to ask

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"What about the women he sees in the street, in hospitals, stores, on mobile phones and the internet? How is this maniac going to rip their faces off?" 

"I got a headache from all this regression"

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No one could even with the incident

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"No I am going to die, I can't live in this trash society any longer." 

Tweeps called on the man to be punished

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"He must be punished over his reckless, senseless behavior." 

And were relieved at news of his arrest

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"Truly, punishing him and preventing him from doing this again is the only solution to such behavior." 

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