Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Wednesday announced a six-month multiple entry visa for investors, talented individuals and outstanding students so that they can “explore opportunities” and “review facilities” for long-term residency in the country.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced three new services: a six-month visa with several trips to complete the procedures for residency of an investor, a six-month visa with several trips to complete long-term residency procedures for both entrepreneurs and outstanding students, a six-month visa with only one trip to complete the residency procedures for the talented individuals.

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Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports, said that there is a great demand on these facilities, which contribute actively to enhancing the attractiveness of the UAE as a distinct investment environment and supporting its economic and social competitiveness, enhancing its regional leadership and advanced position worldwide in providing the right and best environment for investors and capital owners who are basically looking for the ease of procedures and freedom of movement and the possibility of stability for them and their families to serve their interests and enable them to achieve their ambitions and aspirations.

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He said that the six-month visa aims at providing those wishing to obtain long-term residency to visit the UAE and to review the facilities provided in various fields and to identify the opportunities available in their field of interest and then study their options and make the most appropriate decision for them and their family members. He explained that authority issues Emirates ID Card to those who receive this type of visas, whether it is multiple trips or one trip, in order to make it easy for them and enable them to complete their procedures with ease and flexibility, including direct licensing procedures and opening bank accounts and property registration and other transactions.

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Meanwhile, the authority received around 6,000 applications from investors and entrepreneurs during the first week of its announcement to start receiving long-term residency applications for these categories pursuant to the Cabinet Decree No. (56) of 2018 stipulating the provision of residency facilities for the persons who meet the conditions set out in each category and for their family members.