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Tiny Jumping Spider Cleans Its Fangs After Big Meal

Mina is a jumping spider who likes to take special care of her fangs. One of the stars of the House of Phids Instagram account, this video, first posted on May 12, shows the tiny creature “freshening up after a meal.” According to her owner, Zachary Ryon Handrick, Mina is a cross between a Phidippus otiosus jumping spider and a Phidippus regius jumping spider. Handrick told Storyful that Mina is “around three months old,” and said, “jumping spiders are my passion. I’m all about sharing how intelligent and adorable these little creatures are.” Handrick added, “not only are they harmless, but they are very sweet. They may be small but they deserve our respect.” Credit: House of Phids via Storyful
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