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6 days ago

Emergency landing in UAE after Indian man dies on flight 
© Reuters

An Indian died on Alitalia's New Delhi-Milan flight on Monday (May 13), which led to an emergency landing at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Indian Embassy officials said on Tuesday (May 14). Read more ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Want to block Etisalat, du marketing calls? Here's how

a hand holding a cellphone © Provided by Galadari Printing & Publishing LLC

Do marketing calls from telecom companies annoy you? Well, UAE has launched a new service enabling residents to block such calls. Read more


Here's what will happen to Earth when Sun starts to die

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Long Eid Al Fitr holiday likely for UAE public, private sector

fireworks in the sky © Provided by Galadari Printing & Publishing LLC

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources had issued an official list of holidays for UAE's public and private sectors on earlier this year following the government's decision to unify holidays for public and private sectors in order to achieve harmony between both sectors. Read more


This poll officer is an 'internet sensation'

a group of people standing next to a suitcase © Provided by Galadari Printing & Publishing LLC

When she walked in for polling duties in Lucknow carrying an EVM, earlier this month, her svelte figure and canary yellow sari made heads turn. One of her colleagues clicked her photograph and posted it on the social media. Within no time, her photograph went viral and people began making inquiries. Read more


'The Atlas of Beauty': Portraits of women from around the world


How many eggs is it really safe to eat per week?

a bowl of food on a plate: An egg-a-holic asks if finishing off a dozen a week is a health concern. © Shutterstock An egg-a-holic asks if finishing off a dozen a week is a health concern.

I’m an egg addict. Despite the fact that “become a stellar cook” makes it onto my list of New Year’s resolutions year after year, life (and a dinky New York City kitchen) has a way of trumping my best intentions. Read more

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