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Python caught while eating pet chicken

A 12ft long python was caught mid-way through eating a pet chicken. The snake slithered into a garden in Chachoengsao, Thailand, before brazenly poaching one of the owners prized cocks. The fighting bird - worth 2,700 baht (61gbp) - was bitten by the aggressive snake, which dragged it off into the undergrowth. Homeowner ‎Jirapong Siysin‎ called rescuers who arrived and found the bird's legs sticking out of the python's mouth. Sadly, it was too late to save the chicken. The snake was put inside a sack and released into the wilderness several miles away after the incident on April 9 at 6 pm. Jirapong, 36, said: ''There's a fence around my garden. The snake found a gap through. ''I think the snake came from a pond near the house. I'm shocked it came in the daytime.''
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