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Kylie Minogue: 'Nasty media trolling knocked my ego'

Cover Media logo Cover Media 2 days ago
Kylie Minogue smiling for the camera © Lia Toby/

Kylie Minogue's confidence was knocked early in her career after a string of "nasty" stories in the media.

The hitmaker released her self-titled debut album in 1988 and will drop her 15th effort, Disco, in November. Speaking to the Daily Star, she admitted she doesn't know "how I would have dealt" with social media back at the start of her career.

"It was difficult when there were nasty things written (in the media). I'd check myself, were they being nasty or was I just taking it personally?" she explained, insisting: "A lot of it was just nasty."

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The Magic singer went on to note that she often wondered: "Who are these people... (who) would never say it to my face?," and considered: "You didn't have social media where you could react, although I largely don't react."

Kylie went on to recall her early experiences of navigating the music industry, revealing she never had a "mentor" or "anyone to advise me". Instead, she "had to learn everything on the job and in the public eye".

"I would have loved someone to talk to about it, the psychological parts of the job and dealing with people," reflected the Say Something star.

"I think I would have found it very helpful," she mused.

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