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Photos logoPhotos 17/03/2016

© Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg Sometimes a cup of tea just won’t cut it and the only way to truly unwind is with a good game. There is no need to head over to the arcade for your gaming fix as you are only a click away on your computer, tablet or phone. Treat yourself and discover a new game today.


© Yodo1 Ltd Choose your animal avatar and try to cross roads, fields, rivers and train tracks and collect coins as you move forward. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds as dangerous obstacles like moving cars and trucks stand between you and the other side, and moving too slowly can attract an eagle to swoop down and grab you. Described as wildly addictive, this game has a huge following. 

Try out CROSSY ROAD for free!


© Microsoft Studios Following the events of HALO 3, SPARTAN ASSAULT relives battles against the aliens Covenant. Choose between Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer or  Edward Davis as they fight in various missions. Impressive graphics of the interstellar war accompany this first-person shooter game and a great pair of headphones to fully appreciate the sounds of gunfire and colorful cast of voices will bring the story to life.

Join Davis and Palmer in their battles in outer space


© Sega Networks Inc Join Sonic the Hedgehog as he races through spectacular lands. This running game allows players to collect rings for points and compete with others for distance and speed. 

Can you keep up with Sonic the Hedgehog?


© Microsoft Studios The ultimate sandbox game, MINECRAFT allows its players to choose their own way of playing with the blocks. If you care to play competitively you may, but you may also to choose to simply gather resources or create. Gamers access blocks of various materials and lose themselves in creating their own world. 

See if MINECRAFT lives up to its reputation by trying it out here!


© Gameloft Had a rough day? Blow off some steam by taking out some bad guys with SNIPER FURY! Fight evil in the air and on land in over 130 missions spanning exotic locales and varying weather elements. 

SNIPER FURY is recruiting. See if you make the cut!

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