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Escape to another world with a fantasy game

Photos logoPhotos 11/04/2016

© 500/Getty Images With so many exciting games available in the Windows store, it can be overwhelming to choose. Whether you are already a fantasy fan or new to the genre, our selections below are highly-rated and sure to entertain. Why not try one today?

Dragon Friends : Green Witch

Dragon Friends

Create a paradise by hatching and raising your dragon family. Breed the different dragons to collect all the hybrids and train and teach them to get along. Beautify your island with vegetation and habitats and make friends with the locals!

Make dragon friends

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

Join the Ascenders and call forth the warriors and heroes of the ancient past to do battle against the evil Tenebrous. Wage war in PvP combat in the glorious locales of ancient Greece and Rome like the Coliseum, Pompeii and Mount Olympus! The fantastic 3D graphics and fighting challenges will immerse you in mythical Roman carnage.

Command the Gods of Rome

Hugo troll wars

Hugo troll wars

Which side will you choose: the witches or the trolls? Once you have pledged your allegiance, build up your army and resources to lead your side to victory! This multiplayer game requires strategy and competition to forge alliances and lead attacks and has the option of a variety of warriors and weapons to keep your army in top condition.

Battle witches and trolls!

Order & Chaos 2

Order & Chaos 2

Save the world in Order & Chaos 2! Create your avatar from a choice of 5 races and 5 fighter classes and select the right weapons to become invincible. Join forces with other players to do battle and form the new world order.

Go to war in Order & Chaos 2

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