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A woman discovered over 100 mites living in her eyelashes and we’re about to vom

Cosmopolitan logo Cosmopolitan 18/12/2017
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Dirty pillowcases are just not on guys! From making your hair greasy, to making you more pimple prone, not giving your bedding the TLC it needs can lead to some pretty nasty business. But if you think that greasy hair and breakouts are the most of your problems, it gets SO much worse.

According to The Sun, a Chinese woman known as Xu paid a visit to her local hospital after suffering from irritated eyes for two years, only to discover that she had over 100 mites living in her eyelashes!

She explained to her docs that she was relying on over-the-counter eye drops to soothe the redness and itchy sensation, and had gotten used to her uncomfortable symptoms. But a couple of weeks before her visit, her eyes had become so swollen that she couldn't even open them.

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It turned out that Xu had been using the exact same pillowcase since 2012, and laying her head down on five years' worth of grime lead to an infestation so huge that up to ten mites were found on one single eyelash. Bleghhhhh. Not surprisingly, doctor's chalked the mites up to a combo of Xu not washing her pillowcase, combined with a lack of airflow in her room.

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