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10 ways colour affects your mood

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Colour and your emotions

How people see colour is highly scientific; photoreceptors in your retina translate light energy of various wavelengths into colours. But how people process colours is intricately connected to emotions. Figuring out how colour influences mood and behavior aids psychologists, market researchers, designers and just about everyone else, including everyday people who would like to feel better. Colour therapy dates back to olden times. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used colour as a tool in their healing temples. Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners integrate colour into their treatments. Modern colour therapy dates back to a 1933 book called “The Spectro Chrometry Encyclopedia” by Dinshah Ghadiali, an Indian scientist. Ghadiali’s contemporary, Dr. Harry Riley Spitler, experimented with the psychological and physiological effects of coloured lights shining in patients’ eyes.

While scientists continue to study how colour stimulates the brain and produces certain hormones, many colour therapists also rely on traditional and folk practices.

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