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Instagram fitness star Hayley Madigan says eating carbohydrates is the secret to her body transformation

The Independent logo The Independent 21/11/2017 Dave Maclean
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A fitness blogger and Instagram star says that eating carbs is one of the secrets to her incredible physique.

Hayley Madigan warned that many people wrongly cut out carbohydrates because they “think they are the devil”.

But she revealed that munching slow-release carb like wholegrain bread, quinoa, and oats helped her to work out more effectively and build muscle.

She also busted the myth that watching your weight is important, saying that despite looking amazing she’s currently the heaviest she’s ever been.

She told the Mail Online: “I was always scared to eat carbs so I left them out until the weekend and usually have a cheat day on Sunday and binged on a lot of bad foods.

“I enjoy all carbs now and know I need them to fuel my training as well as stay lean and healthy.”

Sunday's are made for Leg Press PB's fuelled by ALL the Pre workout! 😬😂💪🏼🙌🏼. . Only thing that got me through my 270kg Leg Press for 11 reps - Supersetted with 90kg front squat for 20 reps 🤢 Was my @bpi_sports_uk Best Pre Workout 🙌🏼 Literally saving the day and increasing my energy and focus to press that heavy ass leg press - bearing in mind I weigh 55kg so pressing nearly 5 x my body weight needed to be fuelled by something 😂 I also did this workout fasted this morning as I love to train before I've eaten 😊 I find mentally it helps me push the reps through and physically it also helps as I don't fatigue as quickly from the pump of carbs that usually rushing through your blood into the muscles. I train pretty much everyday fasted and always will because it's how my body prefers to train, don't get me wrong some days I'm starving esp the day after leg day and I will eat before I train but typically 85% of time my training is fasted and therefore BCAA's and Pre Workout are super important for me prior to pushing some heavy ass weights around 😊💪🏼. . BPi Sports Best Pre workout along with the Jay Cutler Pre workout are both awesomely strong pre workouts that will help drive that focus and determination even higher 😏. . HMF40 for 40% off @bpi_sports 💙. . Happy Sunday Insta Peeps! I'm off to galavant to a coffee shop and continue working 🤓☕️🤓. . Outfit: @gymsharkwomen seamless collection 🤗💕. . #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivated #motivation #training #legday #preworkout #bpisports #bpisportsuk #teambpiuk #fitspo #legpress #pb #sundayfunday #bikini #abs #bikinicompetitor #bootygains #bootyfordays #workout #exercise #iifym #focus #determination #achieve #bodybuilding #bodypositive #personaltrainer #portsmouth

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While a hardcore workout routine is key to her ripped body, the Instagram influencer – with 18,000 followers – says fixing her nutrition is the main factor behind her impressive transformation.

She said: “Regardless of how hard you train - and especially as a woman - you can't out train a bad diet.

“The changes I have made are introducing more slow digesting carbs like oats, quinoa and wholegrain bread.

“I also have more healthy fats such as nut butters, dark chocolate, avocado and salmon.”

She’s a keen advocate of lifting weights, and urged other woman to take it up to feel “empowered” and “full of self-esteem”.

“I feel unstoppable when I am in the gym leg pressing 270kg because I know how amazing it is for my body to be doing such a strong weight and how determined I am to lift such an amount especially as a petite woman,” she added.

She said she’s regularly underestimated in the gym, particularly by men, and says it’s satisfying to surprise them with her lifting prowess.

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