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Mums-to-be 'can drink two glasses of wine a week without harming baby', scientists find

Mirror logo Mirror 11/09/2017 Louie Smith

Credits: PA © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: PA Evidence that light alcohol intake can be harmful to unborn babies is “limited”, a study claims.

NHS guidelines advise a complete booze ban but 80% of mums-to-be in the UK drink some alcohol.

Now Bristol University scientists have reviewed 5,000 studies on the effects of light drinking.

They found those having four units a week, or two 175ml glasses of wine, had a 10% higher risk of a premature birth and 8% more risk of a small baby.

© Getty But they said this association did not prove a direct link with casual drinking in expectant mothers.

Lead researcher Dr Loubaba Mamluk said: “We found limited evidence for a causal role of light drinking in pregnancy compared with abstaining.

“Women who have a drink should be reassured that they are unlikely to have caused their baby considerable harm.”

Guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer have left many women confused about whether just one glass is harmful.

The Bristol study noted woman who smoke up to 20 cigarettes per day have a 22% increased risk of premature birth.

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