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Surprising things that make you stink

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Clear the air

An unwashed body will most certainly start to reek. But you're not off the hook simply because you shower every day: Stealth sources of B.O. can sneak up and stench your personal space.What's worse is that even if you don't notice malodor, others around you most certainly will.  "When you're exposed to a new odor, you notice it right away," explains George Preti, an organic chemist and smell researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Pa. "But after continual exposure you develop a type of smell-specific anosmia, or an inability to detect that smell. Once you've adapted to the odor you no longer perceive it, even though it is still present." The bottom line: If you stink, you may not realize it. But you can clear the air: Here are 12 smelly body odor culprits.-- By Martica Heaner
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