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The Bachie babes share their body confessions

Now To Love logo Now To Love 10/08/2017
Jen, Lisa, Flo and Simone from The Bachelor. © NowToLove Jen, Lisa, Flo and Simone from The Bachelor.

This year’s The Bachelor Australia is seriously heating up - and it's not just total babe Matty Johnson who's looking fine as he continues his quest for love.

The girls who made his top 16 are all in tip-top shape as they fight it out to receive a rose... So we got them together for a chat and a cheeky shoot.

We got the girls together for an exclusive photo opp, and boy do these Bachie babes know how to rock a two-piece.

From nip-tucks to Nutella binges, the Bachelorettes tell all in this OK! exclusive.


Part-time model Jennifer Hawke is no stranger to having her body scrutinised in front of the camera, though she says modelling isn’t for her anymore.

“I like pizza too much!” says Jen. A firm believer in the power of incidental exercise, Jen says she’s not a massive fan of the gym.

“I generally just walk my dogs on the beach,” the brunette beauty tells OK!.

Along with trying to fatten up the other girls with all her baked goods, Jen says she’s the one in the house “who gets a scoop of Nutella five times a day.”

Jen from The Bachelor. © NowToLove Jen from The Bachelor.


Unlike Jen, 25-year-old Simone Ormesher seems to have the opposite mentality about diet in the Bachie mansion.

“I’ve been very strict. The thing that keeps you sane is to eat healthy and workout. It’s my escape,” she explains.

After her ex-partner helped her pay for breast augmentation when she was 22, Simone underwent the procedure in Thailand.

Post-surgery, the topless waitress says she’s “very confident” in her appearance now and would never do anything on her face until she’s older.

Simone from The Bachelor. © NowToLove Simone from The Bachelor.


One look at her bangin’ bod and it’s pretty easy to believe Dutch babe Florence Alexandra Sophia she says she’s been hitting the gym in the mansion.

The 27-year-old says she prefers sporty, active men (basically Matty, check!) and tries to watch her eating.

“I try to eat really healthy but yeah if I feel like eating pizza or ice-cream, then I’ll just eat pizza or ice-cream. It’s whatever I feel like.”

Though Florence says she’s never had surgery, she says people who think they need it should go for it.

“For now, I’m happy as the person I am,” says Flo.

Florence from The Bachelor. © NowToLove Florence from The Bachelor.


We all remember Lisa Carlton wiping the tennis court with Matty on their single date, right?

Yeah, it’s no surprise considering she has a degree in exercise and sports science and absolutely loves being outdoors. So much so, that Lisa thinks she struggled most with being cooped up in the house all day.

“I guess that’s the hardest thing, adapting to not being able to leave the house,” says Lisa.

“I love being able to go for a walk my dog or just anything. I hate just sitting around.”

We can totally imagine Lisa doing happy laps of the property. And as for diet? “Everything in moderation,” says Lisa.

Lisa from The Bachelor. © NowToLove Lisa from The Bachelor.

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