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The one drink you shouldn't order in a restaurant

Cosmopolitan (UK) logo Cosmopolitan (UK) 16/10/2017 Jess Edwards

A group of people toasting drinks © Getty A group of people toasting drinks While we all trust that eating and drinking establishments are clean and healthy environments, we can't always be sure that everything we're consuming is bacteria-free.

And while we're not suggesting you start taking your own anti-bacterial wipes with you the next time you dine, there are a few choices you could be making to avoid any risky contact with germs.

The one drink you should never order in a restaurant © Warner Bros The one drink you should never order in a restaurant

According to The Indy 100, Environmental Health researchers have discovered that one potentially germ-ridden drink is one we all would probably order - a glass of water, or coke, with a slice of lemon.

The researchers tested 76 lemons from 21 restaurants, and found that 70 per cent (53 of the slices) had been contaminated with bacteria.

While this is not the most extensive research, you can see how slices of citrus fruit, which are often cut up in advance to save bar staff time, could start to become a safe place for bacteria when stored in tupperware boxes at room temperature.

A waiter serving drinks © Getty A waiter serving drinks The study concluded that while it could not determine the source of the bacteria, it "could also be worthwhile to study contamination on other beverage garnishes, such as olives, limes, celery, and cherries, and to investigate whether alcoholic beverages have an effect not seen with water and soda."

Basically, we need to know whether our gin and tonics are safe. THAT'S a study we want to see.

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