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You've been sticking plasters on the wrong way your whole life - here's how to do it right

Mirror logo Mirror 17/10/2017 Gareth Arnold

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Next time you get a minor cut, remember this neat trick to keep that plaster in place for longer.

Plasters are a simple way to stop bleeding and protect a cut from infection, but they are not much good if they won't stay on.

Well, it turns out we've been using them all wrong - the simple peel and wrap method is a poor substitute for this clever trick.

We've all experienced plasters wrapped around a finger simply slipping off, requiring a quick replacement.

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc

A new video demonstrates a better way to put them on that should keep the sticky band in place for as long as you need it.

The footage suggests the injured person - or whoever is applying the plaster - should carefully snip the sticky ends in half lengthways, before removing the plastic strips.

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The two sticky ends on each side of the plaster can be wrapped one over the other, securing snugly it in place.

It also leave joints free to move without the bulky tabs that result from the traditional technique.

So next time you get a cut, consider this new method to keep the sticky band where you want it.

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