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12 body-shaming habits to squash

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Taking sides in the fat-versus-skinny debate

Making statements, or any direct comment about a woman's body has the potential to be shaming, says Adrienne Ressler, a body-image specialist and the national training director for The Renfrew Center, the nation's largest network of eating-disorder treatment facilities. Designating one body type or weight as the "best" or "right" way to be causes some people to feel ashamed or not good enough. "It is always better not to make a judgment – even when you think it's a positive one," says Ressler. If you're naturally shaped like a bean pole, for example, hearing others say "real women have curves" can make you feel you don't conform, or there's something wrong with you. "Everybody has their own size and shape and weight that's specific to them," says Ressler.-- By Linda Melone
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