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The Body-Changing Workout


Every guy had a time in his life when he looked and felt his best. Whether it was high school, college, or just a few years ago, you probably peaked at some point in your life, and now that body you had seems like it belonged to someone else. But there's no need to reminisce. After all, your body only needs a new stimulus to help you shed the excess weight you've added and shock your muscles into new growth-and in doing so you can surpass your peak performance something of the future and not the past.

How to do this Workout

Perform each workout (Workout A, Workout B, Workout C) once a week, resting at least one day between each session.

Alternate between exercises of the same number (1A and 1B, for example) until you complete all of the sets in that pairing. That is, do one set of the first exercise, followed by one set of the second exercise. Rest 30¬-60 seconds between the exercise pairs, and then repeat the cycle until you've done all the prescribed sets before moving onto the next exercise.

Circuit : Do 1 set of each exercise in a group consecutively, without rests in between. Once  these exercises have been completed, repeat the circuit again - doing 1 set of each with no rests in between. Continue until prescribed number of total sets are performed

Strength : Complete all sets of an exercise at the same time with rests in between. Then move to the next exercise.

Superset : Two moves done consecutively (like a circuit) with no rests in between.

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Weekly Routine

  • day 1 Workout
  • day 2 Rest
  • day 3 Workout
  • day 4 Rest
  • day 5 Workout
  • day 6 Rest
  • day 7 Rest
  • workout
  • Rest
** - as much as possible; @ - each side
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