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The Hotel Workout


You know the drill. You walk into the hotel gym, expect to see a variety of equipment, and all you have is a short stack of dumbbells and some cardio equipment. It might be a disappointment, but it's no reason to stop you from pushing your body and getting a great workout. This plan is designed for the road warrior as well as someone with limited equipment. Our warning: Don't underestimate this plan. You'll be amazed at what you can do in eight weeks with just a few dumbbells.

How to do this Workout

Perform this workout as needed when traveling and when you have access to a limited gym. Rest at least one day between each session. Don't perform as straight sets, completing all the prescribed sets for one exercise before moving on to the next. On all one-hand (or one-leg) moves, repeat with opposite limb. That's one set.

Circuit : Do 1 set of each exercise in a group consecutively, without rests in between. Once  these exercises have been completed, repeat the circuit again - doing 1 set of each with no rests in between. Continue until prescribed number of total sets are performed

Strength : Complete all sets of an exercise at the same time with rests in between. Then move to the next exercise.

Superset : Two moves done consecutively (like a circuit) with no rests in between.

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  • day 1 Workout A a
  • day 2 Rest
  • day 3 Workout A a
  • day 4 Rest
  • day 5 Workout A a
  • day 6 Rest
  • day 7 Rest
  • workout
  • Rest
** - as much as possible; @ - each side
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