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A groom's mother is being criticised for buying a $3,700 bridal gown to wear to her son's wedding

Business Insider Australia logo Business Insider Australia 13/06/2019 Meredith Cash
a woman smiling for the camera: The mother of the groom bought a bespoke dress that cost $US3,683. The mother of the groom bought a bespoke dress that cost $US3,683.

The mother of a groom has become the subject of intense criticism after purchasing a £2,895 ($US3,683) bridal gown to wear to her son's wedding.

Lydia was featured on "The Posh Frock Shop," a British show that airs on Channel 4 in the UK and on Hulu in the US, in which award-winning designer Ian Stuart helps women find the dress of their dreams for weddings and other high-profile events.

In the episode, a mother of four, Lydia repeatedly rejected Stuart's dress recommendations and instead opted to search through the bridal section for the perfect gown. She settled on buying a one-shouldered bridal dress complete with a train for the wedding.

"She's going down the very sexy route," Stuart said during the episode. "Almost like, 'I'm more important than the bride' route."

The episode aired in June 2018, but a discussion about Lydia's dress choice has surfaced online after a viewer who says they recently watched the episode shared a scathing Facebook post in the private group, "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming."

a group of people posing for a photo: Members of a wedding shaming group on Facebook had a lot of opinions on a 'cool mum' who bought a bridal dress to wear at her son's wedding. Members of a wedding shaming group on Facebook had a lot of opinions on a 'cool mum' who bought a bridal dress to wear at her son's wedding.

"Jaw dropped watching The Posh Frock Shop," the viewer wrote on Facebook. "The MOG went to the BRIDAL side of the dress parlor to pick this for her Son's wedding. She says she is planning the wedding and she is a 'cool mum.' She doesn't think she will upstage the bride?! If I was the bride I would scratch her eyes out!"

Although Stuart told Lydia it would be best to dye the dress grey so as not to overshadow the bride, the original poster in "That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming" still questioned whether Lydia would "upstage the bride" and said that, if Lydia were her mother-in-law, she would "scratch her eyes out!"

Almost all of the commenters on the post agreed that the mother of the groom was overstepping by purchasing a bridal gown

"That poor bride stuck with the 'cool mother-in-law,'" one Facebook user commented. "She's going to make herself look like an idiot."

"I was legit about to shame the OP [original poster] on the grounds that the wedding dress doesn't look that ba......," another commenter wrote. "Oh, I see."

One commenter encouraged Lydia to wear the bridal gown to the wedding, albeit for a unique reason.

"Wear it. I love when the mother of the groom wears something that is too flashy and/or inappropriate," she wrote. "It really shows her true colours and makes you see how she acts towards her future daughter-in-law behind closed doors."

a person smiling for the camera: The dress cost £2,895 ($US3,683). The dress cost £2,895 ($US3,683).

Amy Shey Jacobs of Chandelier Events NY told INSIDER that the wedding day should be the 'time to let the bride shine'

"In general, the golden rule that only the bride should wear white at a wedding still holds true," Jacobs said. "Unless she wants you to wear white or any shade thereof, it's best to stay away from anything that is white, beige, ivory, or could be misconstrued as white."

Jacobs noted that there are exceptions to every rule, and that brides sometimes choose "snowball" wedding themes that require the bridal party or all women attending to wear white. Still, she emphasised that it is ultimately the bride's decision as to whether or not anyone else can wear white.

When INSIDER asked Jacobs about Lydia's dress choice, the events planner said she thought other dress options would have been more fitting for the occasion.

"Even if mum plans to dye it grey, perhaps keeping it hush hush that it started out as a wedding dress would have been a better idea!" Jacobs said. "No one needs to know that (unless it's for the drama of TV, of course). Pick a grey dress or have one made."

INSIDER was unable to contact Lydia for comment. Representatives for "The Posh Frock Shop" production company Nineteen 11 and Channel 4 did not immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.

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