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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - January 15

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You could find that parenting issues are on your mind today. You might not be a parent now, but you could be thinking about becoming one up ahead. You might be thinking about your own father and how he raised you. What would you do differently if you had your own child? And how would you follow his example? You could be around some kids today that inspire you to think about these things.Find out more about our top experts.

Your love horoscope

It's a good day for you to express your thoughts and feelings. Whether it's a loved one who would appreciate words of affection, or a colleague who requires more instruction, communication will come much more easily for you than usual. Yours is a practical nature, and often you say what you consider to be required, and not much else. Yet others are not always the same, and they may need you to say a lot more. Consider this as you go about your day.

Your career horoscope

Some vast upheavals in your career could take you by surprise, but it's apt to make a very positive difference for you. Your public standing and your income could both skyrocket. Legal papers might be involved in some way. This may be so sudden that it has you in a daze, but try to remain focused and go with the flow. You won't want this opportunity to pass you by.

Your finance horoscope

Something's gotten into you today. An iconoclastic imp inside you is determined to tear down every convention still existing, especially those in the art world. Why are you so furious with orthodoxy? Did you dream that an imitator stole one of your ideas and made a fortune with it? If you were an art critic, we could expect you to sing the praises of the vanguard today...

Your wellbeing horoscope

You may appear to have your head in the clouds to day. The truth is, you've got a lot of important things on your mind. Others might be offended or even amused at your distance. Try not to worry about this to much. You need to take care of resolving those problems you've been marinating on before worrying about everyone else's reaction.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You have an affectionate nature, though you sometimes look the other way when something’s bothering you in a relationship. Sometimes it pays to be honest with your special someone. Soulmates are put in our lives to teach us how to be our full selves. Even when we’re upset or concerned about something, our soulmate needs to know. Don't be shy today about expressing yourself. You'll feel better if you do.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 13 to January 19

Life: The wind will change in your direction. From Monday onwards, you could make some important decisions, going down a root, signing a contract or securing an interview …

Love: You’ll dedicate yourself more to your family than your other relationships. You won’t be as available for your partner or friends. Take care all the same of drifting too far away without realizing.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: You won’t be more sociable this month and romantically, you’ll seem to be hardly available. Why not? Focus on yourself and you can come back a more peaceful person

Life: Things will be fine but on the the 11 and 12, don’t underestimate your adversaries nor the obstacles you encounter along the way. It’s better to wait until the 13 or 14 to make important decisions.

Bonus: You’ll take care of your appearance.

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