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Leo: Your daily horoscope - November 17

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Sudden creative inspiration could come your way today, and you might want to express it through the use of modern technology in some way. This is a great day to learn computer graphics. If you've been thinking of trying your hand at writing, this is the day to get started. Your mind is especially quick and penetrating right now, so whatever you try today could bring considerable benefits your way. Go to it!Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

Your love horoscope

If you are concerned about a lack of true friends in your life, today you could well meet someone who takes on that role. It is hard, in mid-life, to find someone with whom you connect on a deeply personal level. Usually years of shared history are required before two men can open up to each other in a meaningful way. Occasionally, however, one meets someone who is a true soul mate. This could well happen to you today, so be on your best behavior!

Your career horoscope

No one can make a success of everything they do, especially when they are resting on their laurels. Today's planetary configuration may be suggesting to you to change certain unproductive aspects of your personality. Is it possible that you're a little too controlling when working with other people on group projects? Let other people do some of the work for you!

Your finance horoscope

Today you might feel that your mind is exploding. If you've been studying or researching an intellectual or spiritual subject, insights could be pouring down on you like raindrops. Suddenly concepts that never made sense to you before seem crystal clear. You'll need to write them down, for even an elephant wouldn't be able to remember as many ideas and revelations as you're getting. Make the most of them!

Your wellbeing horoscope

Try not to take things too seriously today, especially any discussions where someone gets angry. The energy of the day is emphasizing emotions, and wherever someone hasn't dealt with something inside themselves, they could act out today. Just be calm and detached and get your tasks done. Long discussions with upset people will just waste your energy and ruin your own mood. You'll want to stay focused on your own projects.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Stress might be getting the better of a member of your household today. This person is feeling especially volatile emotionally, and the least little irritation could set off a temper tantrum. Try to ease the pressure by staying out of the way - and don't offer advice, however well intentioned it should be. This person needs to come to terms with whatever may be bothering him or her. So distance yourself and do your own thing!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 11 to November 17

Life: Your talent needs to show itself to the world. Your ambition will talk for itself as you go out of your way to move forward to a higher position. You’re on the road to success!

Love: You’ll pass a new milestone. From November 17, if you’re alone, your emotional needs may already be satisfied. Keep your eyes peeled, the weekend promises to be exciting. Those in relationships, you’ll notice more tenderness in your exchanges.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of November

Love: You’ll display much intellect in your approaches. Venus will endow you with more tact and a desire to indulge yourself. You’ll naturally offer a handshake to those you meet. From the 17th, if you’re alone, you may see no need to search out affection.

Life: For you, the arrival of Jupiter into Sagittarius from the 9th is a sizeable event. This time, you’ll get your due credit and you’ll please the people that you wanted to impress.

Bonus: Your sense of humor will make you more attractive.

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