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Libra: Your daily horoscope - November 15

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You could be eager for some attention today, as your passions may be running high. You might want to dress up in your best suit and put that sophisticated image of yours on display. You've always had your own sense of style, and today others could appreciate the way you move and present yourself. You might have some fun flirting as you use that old-fashioned sense of glamour.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

You might want to choose your words carefully. The energy of the day could be making you a bit impulsive. You love to be spontaneous, and usually you enjoy chatting with your friends and colleagues. You probably make a lot of jokes and keep them entertained. But today you might want to be more sensitive to certain undercurrents. A more serious tone could be in the air, and you'll want to be a bit more composed.

Your career horoscope

Does it seem as if there's a ghost at the workplace, tapping you on the shoulder, causing phantom rings on your phone, bringing strange garbled messages up on your computer? Something strange is certainly in the air, though it's more likely to be solar flares or other forms of increased electrical activity than a ghost. It could be very frustrating for you throughout the day, but shouldn't have any long-term negative effects. Hang in there!

Your finance horoscope

"Communication" is the key word for today. Expect to spend a lot of time on the phone, or writing letters or emails. A long-lost relative could contact you. More than one invitation to a social event in your neighborhood could come your way, or you could attend one or more get-togethers, which will provide a lot of mental stimulation and bring new ideas and new friends your way. Enjoy your day!

Your wellbeing horoscope

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, you may experience a burst of emotional energy that could throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Don't be surprised if you suddenly break out in tears over something that normally wouldn't even faze you. Sometimes it is important to let this rush of emotion flow forth. Feel free to share your tears with others instead of trying to hide them behind shades.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You could be examining the roles that you play. Perhaps you often act as a brother or a father figure. People around you might turn to you for support. Although it may feel good to take on this responsibility, sometimes you need nurturing, too! So today, if you feel a little drained or tired, don't pretend that everything is OK. It could be time to let others know that you could use their support now.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from November 11 to November 17

Life: If you need to focus on your financial affairs, you risk making errors out of lapses of attention throughout the day. However, Jupiter will help you to save your own skin!

Love: After taking a step back up from your emotions until November 15, you’ll be ready to commit yourself. If you’re already there, you’ll be surprised to see aspects of your partner that you’d never seen before. Love will give youglowing energy.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of November

Love: You’ll take care of your relationship like an attentive gardener and you’ll watch it flourish too. After taking a step back until the 15th, you’ll be sure of yourself and your feelings!

Life: You’ll be most of all interested by creative activities which spark your imagination and inspiration. If you have to focus on financial affairs, be aware that you risk making errors in the second half of the month, as a result of lapses in attention.

Bonus: You’ll enjoy a period of optimism.

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