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Libra: Your daily horoscope - March 20

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You might find yourself out and about in your neighborhood, running errands and paying visits to others. Don't be surprised, however, if everyone you meet seems rather preoccupied and less inclined than usual to make light conversation. This is not the day to try to communicate with others about serious matters. All signs are that people are more introverted, and their minds a bit befuddled. This is a great day to stay home and read.Discover the wonderful world of Tarot!

Your love horoscope

Your goal for the day seems to be to enchant your mate. There's no reason not to try; indeed, today is an excellent day for love. But don't exaggerate your romantic wiles. Since the day's aspects tend to distort your perception of things, you may be betrayed by what you see in the mirror. Be careful of what you do and how you do it!

Your career horoscope

The home is apt to be a hectic place today, fraught with tension. Family members all seem to have bit off more than they can chew, and are too stressed out to be good company. Your romantic partner might also be feeling too much career pressure, and therefore tempers could be rather short. Try to remain calm. Concentrate on what YOU have to do and let everyone else work through their own difficulties.

Your finance horoscope

Sudden positive developments regarding the family could make a big difference to your future if you make the most of them. A family member could attract a lucky break of some kind, and will probably need your support to go for it. You might find yourself in the right place at the right time to meet the right person. These developments can be wonderful - but they are fleeting. Take advantage of them now or they'll be gone.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you might have some troubles making up your mind about something. You don't always do well when you have to make decisions under pressure. Today you might have to choose between two clients, two jobs, or two employees. Try to take some private time so that you can think this decision through. You might want to close your office door and take some time to meditate. Or you might want to call a mentor for some advice.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You may be thinking some bizarre thoughts today, that may lead you in some tangent direction not quite pertaining to your current situation. Don't be afraid to let your brain explore these strange realms, for you may gain some important insight that you wouldn't have necessarily seen otherwise. Wisdom can be found in the most unlikely places so don't discount something because it may seem a bit off the wall at first.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from March 17 to March 23

Life: You love giving things your all at work and your determination will be stronger than ever this week. Although, you must realize that despite your hard work, you can’t do everything. Taking time out for yourself is definitely important.

Love: Thursday’s Full Moon will increase your sensuality and need for passion. You can expect a torrid night if you are in relationship! Putting your relationship first will bring you closer to your partner and remind you why you are together.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of March

Love: It’s all or nothing for you when it comes to your relationship this month. Either you manage to sort things out with your partner and work on your communication, or you decide to walk away and invest your energy elsewhere.

Life: Taking on too much work will only get you down this month and won’t really help you feel accomplished. Not everything will go to plan in March, but holding your head up high will help get you through.

Astro bonus: Love makes things better!

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