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Libra: Your daily horoscope - January 21

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Today you might be asked to host an impromptu social event in your home - at about an hour's notice! This could have you scrambling to clean up the place, or trying very hard to get in touch with prospective guests - who might not be all that easy to reach. This could prove frustrating, especially if you're expected to carry the entire burden yourself. Don't do this - ask for help. Even a super hero couldn't pull this off alone!Get to know our awesome advisors.

Your love horoscope

Right now you could be searching for a new approach. Maybe a relationship hasn't been going the way that you want. You could be confused about what this person needs. Or you might wonder how to create better communication. Focus on positive things, such as your affection for them and your desire for improvement. If you can keep an open mind (and an open heart!), you'll soon come up with the answers.

Your career horoscope

You could be ready to join a new community group. Maybe your neighbors are getting involved with local politics. You could be drawn into discussions about issues that are affecting your neighborhood. Maybe there is too much truck traffic on your street. You might want to sign a petition to get this changed. Or perhaps there needs to be more security. You can work with your neighbors to create more safety in your community.

Your finance horoscope

Social gatherings, provide the backdrop to a day when business and romance come as close as they can to being totally compatible. Do not shun any invitations to lunch, dinner or cocktail parties. People seem to gravitate towards you at the moment, so make the most of this influence. You can make a dynamic contribution to the group and still satisfy a personal and deeply cherished desire, as long as you get your priorities in order.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your energy, enthusiasm, and sense of adventure are at an all-time high today. You, along with a few friends, might be planning to go together on an unusual outing. Extraordinary information could come your way, sparking a new interest, while exhilarating news from friends, neighbors, or relatives increases your optimism for the future. All in all, this should be a busy and interesting day.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Challenges may seem much easier for you to face today. Your will power will give you the strength to see nearly any struggle through to the end. Perhaps you are trying to kick a bad habit or to incorporate a good one into your daily routine. Your determination will help you to take the bull by the horns and do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal. You may not enjoy the fight but you will feel greatly satisfied when you win.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 20 to January 26

Life: Without a doubt, the winter seems to make you and your body a bit rusty. You’ll find it more difficult to get yourself to work but your hobbies, nights out and sport routine will equally suffer.

Love: Venus and Jupiter will urge you to strengthen your connections and consolidate your relationships. Your charm will be heightened, as cheeky ideas take hold of you. Whether in a couple or not, you’ll be well aware of your inner desires.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: You’ll work on your relationships with tact and insight, which will help you win over hearts. You’ll see the results after the 10th as Venus and Mars illuminate your love life with glowing colours.

Life: Mars tends to wear your out at the beginning of the year, so try to stick it out to stay on top of things. Don’t lose confidence in your own abilities.

Bonus:  January will feel like summer month to you.

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