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Virgo: Your daily horoscope - March 22

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This is one of those days when you just can't wait for someone stops talking so you can jump in and say something. More than likely, you won't even wait. You'll just start talking anyway. Don't be surprised if there is friction as a result of such strongly held contrasting opinions. People are apt to blow things out of proportion, since everyone is convinced that they are right. The interesting about this situation is that a great deal of productivity could spawn from it.Find out more about our top experts.

Your love horoscope

This is an excellent day for you, in which you will find that your thinking is clear and your emotions are stable. Use this powerful combination of a solid frame of mind and compassionate feelings to express your heart and mind in a sincere and positive fashion. There is a great deal of power on your side that is helping you track down your goals and get exactly what you want.

Your career horoscope

By all means, stick with the decaf. You are positively bouncing off the walls today. Your co-workers cannot keep up with you. In fact, they have no desire to. You're rather impossible to have around in the state you're in. Why not you give everyone a break, yourself included, and get some physical activity on your lunch hour? A brisk walk will soothe your jangled nerves, and make for a much mellower afternoon for all concerned.

Your finance horoscope

A lot of letters, phone calls or emails could come your way from all over, bringing lots of good news and useful information. Some of this information could involve new and innovative opportunities that could be of great interest to you. Expect a lot of discussion, which could get your mind going a thousand miles an hour. Write down what seems most promising for you, and leave the rest for others. You're only one person, after all.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your emotions could be close to the surface. You could be going through a period of spiritual cleansing. It might be time to let go of some intense feelings that you have been carrying around for a long time. Find a positive way to release this energy. Go for a long walk or hike. Sweat out that emotional residue and leave it behind you. Make some personal resolutions that will allow you to move forward with your romantic and professional life.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You natural independence as a Virgo will be enhanced today. You'll probably find yourself needing to do things your own way and feel stifled if your creativity isn't allowed or appreciated. You're an individualist and try to leave your signature by making everything you do uniquely your own. Being forced to conform won't go over very well for you today but if you just get it over with then the rest of the day will be yours to do with as you wish.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from March 17 to March 23

Life: Nothing can distract you once you have a goal in mind. People might try to bring you down with their negativity, but you won’t let their comments get to you. If you need to change directions, take control and follow your intuition.

Love: Your sensitivity will be running high at the start of the week and other people will definitely notice it. Controlling your emotions is often challenging for you and could lead you to taking a step back in your relationships.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of March

Love: Your relationship will be hit with lots of problems this month and you’ll find communicating virtually impossible. Jumping to conclusions and making rapid judgements will only create tension in your relationship.

Life: Despite a few slipups and setbacks, March will be a great month for you professionally! Your natural talent will help you climb the professional ladder and achieve the success that you have always dreamed of.

Astro bonus: Uranus is boosting your courage, Neptune is inspiring you and Saturn is reinforcing your determination.

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