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Virgo: Your daily horoscope - January 24

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Today's planetary alignments can have you feeling a bit more insecure than you normally are. The things that people say to you may come across wrong, causing you to question how important you really are to them. Be careful not to jump to any unwarranted conclusions! If you're unsure of what a person means, ask them! The worst that can happen is that what you already fear is correct, and you might learn just the opposite.Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here!

Your love horoscope

It might seem like your brain and heart are working secretly against you today. You might be sensing that they have teamed up to keep your head in a swirling maelstrom of confusion that you can't seem to pull yourself out of. Look beyond the mundane confusion that this day seems to be dishing out. Connect with your sensitive and receptive side, sit back, and let someone else do the thinking.

Your career horoscope

This is a great day for being outside. Earth energies are strong right now. You might get some yard work done, and consider planting some special flowers or vegetables. It's good for you to connect with nature and to relax outside. Take deep breaths and pull in "prana," or life force, from the natural elements around you.

Your finance horoscope

A rush of humanitarian spirit and a desire to do some real good might find you looking into various charities to find those you might want to help. However, money might be flowing out for other purposes a bit too quickly for your tastes. It perhaps would be best, to find one group that suits you best, and give to that one. Save other worthy causes for another time.

Your wellbeing horoscope

The fire within you is burning extra hot, so make the most of this incredible internal furnace. Treat yourself to some new regal attire and be sure to show it off in a proud display tonight. Feel free to take the lead on projects that might be floundering in limbo. You have a great deal of power behind your words and actions today, so be sure you use it for the highest good.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You might wake up feeling a little under the weather, perhaps too tired to go anywhere, and you'll want to stay in. Perhaps this is the best course of action for today. You may be tired and a bit stressed out, and more vulnerable than usual to any bugs may be going around at this time. Drink lots of juices, and get some rest. Tomorrow you'll probably feel much better!

Here are your free predictions for the week, from January 20 to January 26

Life: Whatever the activity, it’s when you step up that you have the best surprises. People will praise your feminine courage and your outspokenness. Make the most of these qualities to go further this week!

Love: You’ll find that those close to you lack spontaneity. You’ll like that others confide in you more, as it reassures you. The trick is passing that message on to them.

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Here are your free predictions for the month of January

Love: Jupiter and Neptune will cause confusion in your relationships during the month. You’ll struggle to understand your partner, it might feel like they’re talking another language. It's also possible that you may start have your suspicions over loyalty.

Life: Work, it’s good for you health. Motivated, you’ll be highly efficient in your initiatives and pertinent with your decisions. You’ll encourage yourself to really increase your profits.

Bonus: A surprise pay check could be on the way.

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